Quinceañera Requirements for St. Henry


This page should help you understand the expectations when you decide to celebrate a Quinceañera here at St. Henry.

We're excited to help you! If you have any questions, please feel free to call the parish office. The young lady celebrating her Quinceañera will be referred to as a candidate in the below lists to avoid confusion. 

Preparation Requirements

1. The candidate must be a baptized

    Catholic who has received the

    Sacraments of Reconciliation

    and First Communion.


2. The family that wishes to celebrate

    the Quinceañera of their daughter

    should be registered members at

    St. Henry unless they have permission

    from their registered parish

    to celebrate it here.


3. Meet with Father to                         

    discuss Quinceañera preparation.


4. Set a date for the Quinceañera.


5. Reserve the Church for the 

    Quinceañera and rehearsal.


6. Ask the parish that the candidate

    was baptized in to send us

    a baptism certificate.


7. The Candidate should establish a habit

    of prayer and attend Mass regularly.


8. The Candidate should participate

    in Reconciliation shortly before

    the Quinceañera.


9. St. Henry has a Facility Use Fee

    of $150 for parishioners.


10. If there is to be a worship aid,

      it should be reviewed

      by parish staff at least

      a month beforehand. 

11. The candidate's dress

      must be modest.

Ceremony Requirements

1. Rehearsal is usually an hour before 

    Mass. Everyone involved should arrive 

    at the practice on time.


2. A Quinceañera usually takes

    about 1 hour.


3. The Family should find readers for the        bible readings and the petitions. (1-3 

    people) (1-2 if you know a deacon will

    be present to read the petitions)


4. The Family should also find 1-3 Gift

    Bearers, 1-3 Eucharistic Ministers,

    and 2 Servers.


5. Please limit the number of Compañeros

    to no more than seven.

6. No pets will be allowed in 

    the Quinceañera.

7. No signs in the procession.

8. Readings for you to choose from are

    on this website. (Hard copies

    available in the office.)

    Choosing these before choosing

    music can be helpful.

9.  Music should be chosen from the

      approved list on this site.

      (Hard copies available in the office.)

10. Michael Mettler, the Director of

      Music and Liturgy, can be reached

      at 218-346-7030. Music needs to

      be set up through him. He can help

      you find an accompanist and a


11. There must be someone at

      the Quinceañera that is familiar with

      the sound system.

12. The Accompanist Fee is $200.

13. The Cantor Fee is $150.

14. Contact additional singers for fee

      information. You may also contact

      the accompanist and/or cantor if

      you have questions about the fee.

Other Concerns

1. Liturgical furnishing are sacred;

    They may not be moved, removed,

    or replaced.


2. Flowers and plants should be real.


3. Flowers may not be placed on top of

    the altar.


4. Bubble machines, balloons, and

    karaoke machines may not be used      at any time before, during or after the



5. The throwing of rice, birdseed, rose        petals, potpourri, confetti, etc. is       

    prohibited on church property for

    cleanliness and safety.


6. Food and beverages are not

    permitted within the sacred worship   

    space and smoking is prohibited on   

    all church property.


7. It is important to have people

    assigned to pick up any garbage,

    decorations, or anything left behind.


8. Alcohol is not permitted on church

    property at the time surrounding the

    Quinceañera rehearsal and any time      prior to the start of the       

    Quinceañera liturgy.


To Quinceañera Readings


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