Faith in Action


Funeral Committee:

Help prepare, serve, and clean up lunch at funerals.  Please contact the Parish Office, if interested in serving on this committee.


Homebound Ministry:

Training is provided so that you can pray with and bring the Eucharist to the homebound members of our parish who cannot make it to Mass on a regular basis. Occasional help is also needed with running errands or giving rides to appointments.  Please contact the Parish Office, if interested in serving on this committee.



In the Narthex near the Parish Office, you’ll find a tree with cards listing different needs for the parish and school. If you take a card & do the job listed on it, the church will receive $3.00 for every card completed, signed, and returned. We can receive a total of $300.00 per year from Catholic United Financial, plus get lots done for the parish. 


Prayer Shawl Ministry:

Volunteer to make the shawls, and also to deliver shawls, pray and visit with the people receiving the shawl who may have had a surgery, illness or loss in their family. Donations are also needed for material (either monetary or supplies).  Please contact the Parish Office, if interested in serving on this committee.


Healing Hearts Ministry:

Healing Hearts Ministry meets once a month.  Caregivers are trained individuals who walk with another individual through a difficulty/struggle in their life. It is a Christ centered, caring walk. This ministry is based on strict confidentiality and relies on God to give the cure while we give the care.  We will listen, pray, love and walk with them through any situation (if you are familiar with Stephen Ministry, it is similar, but more Catholic orientated). If you are interested in being a caregiver or care receiver or want more information, please contact Mary Schumacher 218-298-1569 or Judy Christopherson 218-298-0797.


St. Agnes-Mary Mission Circle:

The St. Agnes-Mary Mission Circle meets monthly Sept. to May on the 3rd Thursday of the month.  We are members of the Propagation of the Faith. We pay dues and spend our time doing the work of God in small ways: sewing, crocheting, knitting, embroidering, piecing quilts, making rosaries and praying for the missions. We give our products to both local, regional and world missions.  Contact Kathy Hemmelgarn at 218-346-5797 for more information.


St. Martha's Meal Ministry:

This ministry helps people in need of an occasional meal or meals for a short time.  They can be individuals and/or families that have had surgery, illness, disease, a birth, a death, crisis, a significant event, etc.  There are times when life has been rough and we could use a helping hand to make it go a little smoother; we are all part of a family and are here to help each other.   A meal can be provided as little as one time, once a week, once a month, or more, depending on the circumstances.  The meals are provided by members and friends of the parish.  We can make arrangements for pick up or delivery, depending on your desire. If you are in need of this ministry or would like to provide meals to others, please contact Cheryl Prososki 218-758-2343, Renee Doll 218-346-7944 or the Parish Office 218-346-4240.


Special Events Committee:

This committee organizes the food, decorating, and clean-up of special events, such as the Vocations Mass, when the bishop comes, and other events as they come up.  There are usually 2-3 events annually.  If you are willing to use your gifts in this way, please contact the parish office.


Welcome Committee:

Visit new members in their homes for a house blessing to welcome them to our parish, plan and participate in the New Member Welcome potluck meal.