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Ministries & Groups

From the Office of the Vicar General:

In 1994 the Diocese of Saint Cloud established a program to help victim/survivors of sexual misconduct on the part of church personnel. Anyone who has experienced such misconduct, no matter how long ago, is encouraged to contact a victim advocate. The advocate will listen, support, and assist the victim/survivor take whatever steps he/she feels is appropriate to promote healing and recovery. (Your privacy will be respected.) Assistance Coordinator for the Diocese of Saint Cloud:

Roxann Storms, MSW, LICSW, FT (320) 248-1563 (confidential line).


Jane Blee - St. Cloud (320) 251-3430; 

Tom Klecker - St. Joseph (320) 253-2866;

Peggy Rezac - Fergus Falls (218) 531-1025; 

Jennifer Wirz - Central MN (320) 339-0622;

Rev. Stanley Wieser - Wheaton (español) (320) 815-9696.

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