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Catholic Daughters of America

Court St. Rita #409 - Perham, MN


Catholic Daughters of the Americas is the largest organization of Catholic women in the Americas. It is comprised of Catholic women 18 years of age and older. Under the Patroness of the Blessed Virgin Mary, it is an extraordinary organization with the dual purpose of spirituality and service. Our local CDA Court, Court St. Rita # 409, is the 3rd oldest Court in the state of Minnesota. They celebrated their 100th Anniversary in September of 2019.  They meet the 1st Tuesday of the month (Sept – June) at 7:00 pm. For more information, contact Regent Leanne Stoll at 218-758-3050.

Motto:  Unity and Charity

Patroness:  Blessed Virgin Mary


Catholic Daughters of the Americas strives

to embrace the principle of faith working

through love in the promotion of justice, equality and the advancement of human rights and human dignity for all.

Regent:  Leanne Stoll  Email Leanne
Vice Regent:  Janel Altstadt

Treasurer: Rosie Altstadt
Financial Secretary:  Pat Hager
Recording Secretary:  Jackie Hager
Chaplain:  Father George Michael
Membership Chairperson: Contact Regent Leanne Stoll 
Email Leanne
Newsletter Editor:  Lynn Schwanke
District Deputy:  Linda Schons


Minnesota CDA website:  Click here

National CDA website:  Click here

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Junior Catholic Daughters of America
The local Catholic Daughters of America, Court St. Rita #409, sponsors a Junior Catholic Daughters Court, Court St. Teresa of Calcutta, which includes St. Henry’s and the three surrounding parishes. JCDA is a unique organization that is open to Catholic girls, ages 6-18.

JCDA brings girls together for friendship, faith and action to make a positive difference in the community.  The goals of JCDA are Message (Faith), Service (Helping Others), and Community (Friendship).  To express interest in joining or helping, contact Rachel Poser at




CDA National Projects.jpg
National Chaplain.jpg





Education Contest 2023

Court St. Rita #409 sponsored the Catholic Daughters National Education Contest again this year.  Local  1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners were presented with their awards Tuesday March 7, 2023.  The first place winning entries were sent for State judging and those placing first will be sent to National.  Congratulations to all of the winners!

2023 Education Contest Winners- Catholic Daughters National Education contest

Division 1 Poetry:

First- Madalyn Burkman.  Second- Levi Murdock

Division 2 Poetry:

First- Alex Adams.  Second- Grace Stoderl.  Third- Monica Bell

Division 1 Essay:

First- Harper Schmitz.  Second- Juliette LaFond.  Third- Jacob Scraper

Division 2 Essay:

First- Grace Stoderl.  Second- Monica Bell.  Third- Karson Kimball

Division 2 Photography:

First- Josie Rooney

Division 3 Photography:

First- Natalie Rooney


Division 1 Art:

First- Kes Novotny.  Second- Halle Reuter.  Third- Rhagen Sazama

Division 2 Art:

First- Josie Rooney.  Second- Gia VanWatermulen.  Third- Skyler Prchal

Division 3 Art: 

First- Natalie Rooney


Division 1 Computer Art:

First-Damian LaFond

Division 2 Computer Art:

First- Matthew Vickmark.  Second- Charlie Murdock

Division 3 Computer Art:

First- Natalie Rooney

Contest Winners.jpg


Education Contest 2023
Slideshow of Winning Submissions (click arrow to view all)


Court St. Rita
State Awards 2023


Catholic Daughter’s Court St. Rita # 409, Perham, MN, held Installation of Officers June 7th, 2022, in St. Henry’s Church hall.  The presiding officials from Perham were the ritual coordinator, Sherryl Holzer, Previous Court Chaplain Deacon Richard Quistorff and from Detroit Lakes,  District Deputy Linda Schons.  The newly elected officers were installed at the 7 PM ceremony.  Officers for the 2022-2024 term are:  Regent: Leanne Stoll, Vice Regent: Janel Altstadt, Recording Secretary Jackie Hager, Treasurer Rosie Altstadt, Financial Secretary Pat Hager.  

The evening began with a social gathering, followed by a potluck meal.  After the supper, the Rosary was led by Rosie Altstadt for special intentions. Then the by the monthly June meeting lead by the newly elected Regent.

2022 New Court.jpg

Pictured left to right:  Linda Schons, District Deputy, Rosie Altstadt, Treasurer, Pat Hager, Financial Secretary, Jackie Hager, Recording Secretary, Janel Altstadt, Vice Regent, Leanne Stoll, Regent.

CDA 2023 May Crowning.jpg

May Crowning of the Image of the 

Blessed Virgin Mary

As May is the month of Mary, the Catholic Daughters of Court St. Rita #409, Perham, Minnesota, honored our Blessed Mother Mary, by carrying a crown of flowers to place on her image. The ceremony on Saturday, May 6th, 2023, was held at St. Henry’s Catholic Church.

All those who participated in the celebration carried a red carnation to place before the Blessed Mother’s image. All CDA Members attending the Mass wore sashes to let the parishioners see our dedication to Court St. Rita, our Church and our Blessed Mother.  Cathy Doll, Regent Leanne Stoll, Pat Hager, and Diane Lorentz all were present to assist with the event.

Amen, Amen, I say to you. What ever you do for the least of my brethren, You do unto me.  John 14:12


Catholic Daughters of the Americas Court St. Rita #409 has had 2 devoted members, who will be retiring from their respective duties, Dianne Rohde-Szarke as Regent and Fuzz Hammers as Publicity Chair. We have been working in God’s Vineyard for 8 years, now we hope to still work for God and our Court but in a lesser capacity.

Dianne became Regent in 2014, expecting to stay for a couple terms, but circumstances changed that, one was the Covid Pandemic. But she was a strong leader and held us all together. Dianne has been a Catholic Daughter for 44 years, transferring from Fergus Falls. She is very active in the Sertoma Club of Fergus Falls. After her husband Mike died, a yearly education scholarship for graduating seniors was created and spearheaded by Dianne and the Rohde family. Seniors from 6 different area schools are visited by Dianne and handed their scholarship.

As for me, Dianne and I are first cousins and I made the mistake telling her I would hang in there with her until her term ended. Little did I know it would be eight years.

Fuzz and Dianne.jpg

She helps me with my writings as my editor. I collect all the information, write the story and then Dianne comes with her red pen. (She has more commas than I knew what to do with). I have been a member of Court St. Rita for 58 years, held many local offices and two on the state level. My eyesight is not very good. I am starting to be like an old barn, leaning a-little and need to be propped up once in awhile, so I can enjoy the rest of the life God will grant me.

Court St. Rita has a great new slate of officers and it is time for Dianne and I to take time to smell the Roses. Dianne will still be there to help the new officers when needed, but I will be putting my pen away and sit with a glass of wine and a good book.

We have both been blessed with Catholic Daughters as a place to use some of our talents. CDA has given us another way to serve God. God Bless Court St Rita and our new officers. And God Bless all of you.

Divine Mercy Mary.jpg

Pictured:  Mary Kerekes,

chairperson, Divine Mercy Sunday

Divine Mercy Sunday 2022

Court St. Rita # 409, Perham, Minnesota, sponsored Divine Mercy Holy Hour from 2 to 4 pm on Sunday, April 24th, 2022, at St.Henry’s Catholic Church.

Deacon Richard Quistorff, Court Chaplin, opened the Holy Hour of Divine Mercy, with the Eucharistic Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Renee Doll read the Meditation Psalm entrusting our prayers to Divine Mercy. The Chaplet was sung by Dr. Jeff Blickenstaff and Carla Bell, accompanied by Isaiah Blickenstaff on the piano. Benediction conducted by Deacon Richard concluded the Divine Mercy Holy Hour.

Father Tom Skaja, Parochial Vicar at St. Henry’s, was available to hear the long line of confessions. Special indulgences are granted to all who go to confession, receive Holy Communion and attend Mass honoring the Divine Mercy of Jesus. The message received by Saint Faustian was to reiterate the death of Jesus on the Cross, that his passion and death was to be Mercy from the Father to the world.

Approximately 100 people were in attendance at the Holy Hour, which was chaired by Court St. Rita member Mary Kerekes.  Assisting Mary on her committee was Catholic Daughter members, Rosie Altstadt, Lorie Curtis, Diane Lorentz and Gina Cavanagh.

2022 Baccalaureate Mass.jpg

Pictured:The Class of 2022, Past Regent, Dianne Rohde-Szarke and Vice Regent, Janel Altstadt. Top Row far left is Father Tom Skaja and far right is Deacon Randy Altstadt.

2022 Baccalaureate Mass

The Baccalaureate Mass, sponsored by Court St. Rita #409, Perham, Minnesota was celebrated by Parochial Vicar Father Tom Skaja assisted by Deacon Randy Altstadt.

On Sunday, May 22, 2022, the Northern Cross Area Catholic Community Graduates, class of 22, processed into St. Henry’s Catholic Church in their caps and gowns, followed by the Mass Servers, Catholic Daughter Officers and Clergy.

Participating in the Mass were: Graduating Senior, Austin Aanenson and his Catholic Daughter Grandmother, Denise Schornack as Lectors. Carrying the gifts were Seniors, Isabella Pazdernik, Jaxson Rohde and Connor Kostynick. Communion Distributors were Regent, Dianne and Vice Regent Janel Altstadt. Organist was CDA member, Gina Cavanagh.

The graduates were given a special blessing by Father Tom and the Parishioners, sending them off, to a new beginning in their young life. They were also presented with a gift by Regent Dianne from the Catholic Daughters, as part of our “In the Beginnings Project.”

After Mass, the Catholic Daughters hosted a coffee, juice and doughnut bar for the seniors, their parents and members of the parish.

Chairpersons for the event were: Karen Hammers, Judy Christopherson and Mary Schumacher.

Catholic Daughters Court St. Rita #409 

Donates to Bridge Pantry

Past Regent Dianne Rohde-Szarke, members of Court St. Rita and Chaplain Deacon Richard Quistorff recently presented John Leikness, executive director of the Bridge Pantry, a check for $400.00.  The money was raised by the members of the court to help support the Bridge Pantry’s dedication to the health and wel-being of the community.  

The Bridge.png
CDA Bridge Pantry.jpg

Court St. Rita #409, Perham, Minnesota sponsored the Celebration of Life Mass at St. Henry’s Catholic Church on Thursday, February 24, 2022 with Father Tom Skaja as celebrant.


Our Celebration of Life representatives processed in to church to participate in the Celebration of Life Mass.

Mickey Rohde, Narrator, (son of Regent Dianne) read the bio on each recipient. Because the red rose is a symbol of those who believe a life is our most basic right, red roses will be presented to today’s recipients.

In recognition of the sanctity of life before birth, a rose was presented to Mac and Kelli Stoll by McCoy Nagel, son of Matt and Dani Nagel. The Stolls expect Baby # 3 in July. Mac owns his own construction company and Kelli is a Phy Ed teacher at the Elementary School in Perham.

In recognition of life as an infant, a rose was presented to Levi Thomas Hendrickx and his mother, Lisa. Presenting this rose was Aevyn Salo, daughter of Jill Salo. Lisa is the St. Henry’s Religious Ed coordinator. Andy, Lisa’s husband, is an Agronomist and farmer.

Grace Stoderl, daughter of Bill & Mallory Stoderl, extended a rose to Alexis Poser, a sixth grader at St. Henry’s school, who is representing our youth. Alexis is the daughter of Aaron and Rachel Poser. We recognize the many difficult choices a youth will need to make in their lives. They need our support from childhood to adulthood.

Representing our young adults, is Molly Pearson, daughter of Dean and Barb Pearson. As our teenagers grow and move on to High School, they broaden their horizons and experience changes. Molly is a Junior at Perham High School. After graduation she plans to pursue a degree in Music and Nursing at the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota. Eli Lindberg, son of Maria Lindberg, presented a rose to his cousin, Molly.

A rose was presented to Jaxson Rohde, who represents our special challenges in life. Jaxson is the son of Mickey and Susan Rohde and the Grandson of Regent Dianne Rohde-Szarke. Jaxson, who is 18 years old, was born with a rare genetic disorder called Williams Syndrome. Jaxson has had several surgeries at the Mayo Clinic which left him with 41 inches of rods and 31 screws in his back. Jaxson is one of the managers of the Perham Basketball team and an avid member of Special Olympics. He even became a State Champ. His rose was presented to him by Jacob Scraper, son of Josh and Rebecca Scraper.

Dot Hofland represented the senior members of our community. Wyatt Guck, son of Jeremy and Kimberly Guck, extended her the red rose. Dot is a widow and a retired homemaker. She is the mother of 4 daughters, an active member of St. Henry’s Catholic Church, a Rosary leader at Mass and active in Meals on Wheels for many years. We look to those who are older for wisdom and guidance. We need help in making decisions and appreciate the help our Senior Citizens give us. We appreciate their heritage.

The final rose was presented by Kayia Novotny, daughter of Dan & Amanda Novotny, under the sponsorship of the Catholic Daughters, Court St. Rita. The rose will be placed before the Holy Family as a reminder of our belief and commitment to the Right to Life of all people.

We are to accept life as God’s gift in all stages of life and at every turn. God is there to guide us, our precious life is made in His image and likeness. We gathered today to celebrate life and to thank God, our creator, and our parents for the special gift of life.

Celebration of Life 2.jpg

Regent Dianne Rohde-Szarke and grandson, Jaxson Rohde, recipient of the red rose for special challenges at the Celebration of Life Mass.

Celebration of Life 1.jpg

Pictured: Celebration of Life Participants

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