*Liturgy Committee:

The Liturgy Committee typically meets four times per year to discuss past and future Liturgical Events. If you would like to give feedback or suggestions about how we do Liturgies, this would be a good committee for you! Contact Michael at the Parish Office if you are interested.


Assisting with Mass:

Want to become more involved with the Mass?  Please consider helping with the following positions:


Sacristan – help set up for Mass. Training provided.

Lector – read the scriptures at Mass. Training and Lector Workbook provided.

Usher – help people find seats and take up the collection.

Altar Server – assist Fr. Matt at the altar. Training provided.

Rosary Leader – lead the rosary 30 minutes before Mass (20 minutes before weekday Mass).

Music Ministry – be an accompanist, cantor, singer or instrumentalist.

Extraordinary Eucharistic Minister – help distribute Holy Communion during Mass. Training provided.

Gift Bearer – carry the gifts of bread and wine to the front during Mass

Money Counter – help count the collection money following the weekend Masses

Greeter – greet people before mass and make them feel welcome.

*Mass Recorder – Start and stop the equipment to record the Mass for rebroadcast on TV.

Sound Monitor – Listen to and adjust the volume of microphones when needed using an iPad.  Training provided.


*Mass at Perham Living:

Assist at the 10:00 am Mass on Friday mornings by taking attendance, helping people find a place to sit, handing out worship aids, collecting the offering and escorting Fr. Matt or Deacon Randy as they distribute communion. We are also in need of volunteers to help with singing, playing piano and/or lectoring during this Mass.


*Environment Committee:

The Environment Committee serves the parish by decorating for holidays and liturgical seasons, watering our indoor plants, and more.  Contact Michael at the Parish Office for more information.


*Eucharistic Adoration:

Every Tuesday from 8:00 am to Wednesday at 8:00 am, the Church of Saint Henry is blessed to have Eucharistic Adoration. Please feel free to pray before the Blessed Sacrament during this time or if you would like to sign-up for a designated time period, please call Dot Hofland at 346-5785.


*Votive & Holy Water Care:

Volunteers are needed to check and refill holy water fonts and votive candles throughout the church. 


* = Ministries that are NOT scheduled with Ministry Scheduler Pro


Questions? Please contact Michael at 218-346-7030 or

First time users can now enroll on the Ministry Scheduler Pro System to volunteer in any of the scheduled ministries online. Before being scheduled, the enrollment has to be seen and approved by Michael Mettler. He may contact you for clarification. Thank you for your interest in our ministries! 

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