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You can find Father George & Father Tom's Sunday and Daily Masses right here.  Look for a Mass every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  You can find St. Henry Masses, homilies and other videos on our YouTube channel; don't forget to subscribe!

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Blessed Basil Moreau:

"Though it is true that Jesus ascended into heaven, he did not leave us orphans. He is still with us, though invisibly, for he can no more separate himself from us than we can live without his bread of life. Nothing we could do would please him more than a visit to him. Oh, why do we not go as often as we can to see him and stay with him as long as possible each time we go? 

We all need Jesus for our difficult spiritual advancement. From these holy, saving, and consoling visits, we can gain strength for progress in virtue. Even the comfort and inspiration of a human being like ourselves can often sustain us in the unending combat against the demands of fallen nature, and yet the wisest of our friends can do no more than sympathize with us, guide us, and pray for us. Jesus need not stop with words or even prayers. He lifts our fainting courage with his grace, arms us with his power. He wraps us in the armor of his love which no arrow can pierce. Our visits to him put at our disposal the very source of all graces, which are enclosed in the sacrament of his adorable Body and his Precious Blood. Our Savior works on our maladies of soul the very same miracles of healing he worked on the sick and broken bodies of Judea long ago. He is our consolation, and by his bruises we are healed. Experience of this truth made many of the saints give testimony of how their pains were solaced in his presence. Oh, let us love this Lord who has found a way to penetrate the wall of flesh that is usually an obstacle between human hearts. Only God could have devised so sweet a way of enabling the loving soul to contract an actual union with the beloved.

O my Jesus, may I help to make you known to all; may I cause you to be adored, loved, and thanked at every moment in your most holy and divine sacrament of love. Only a God could love as you love--with a love beyond death; with a love that depends for return upon the very creature you made; with a love that survives a thousand outrages; with a love that comes as tenderly into a hovel as into a palace, that welcomes with equal goodness the monarch and the shepherd; with a love that unites two things so remote by their natures, humanity, vile and weak, and the infinite majesty of God, before which the heavens and the earth are as if they were not. To love thus, one must be God. My Jesus, teach me how to love. Teach me to use each sacramental union with you as a preparation for the next, so that when my last Holy communion comes I may but exchange one heaven for another, the heaven of you in my heart for the heaven in which I shall see you in all your beauty face to face. Amen."

First time users can now enroll on the Ministry Scheduler Pro System to volunteer in any of the scheduled ministries online. Before being scheduled, the enrollment has to be seen and approved by Michael Mettler. He may contact you for clarification. Thank you for your interest in our ministries!

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St. Henry's Mission Statement


We, the members of St. Henry’s Parish of Perham, MN, are a Catholic Faith Community of the Diocese of St. Cloud, guided by the Holy Spirit and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to build God’s kingdom here on Earth. 


As disciples of Christ, we commit ourselves to love one another, to pray together, celebrate the sacraments, serve the individual and family needs of all God’s people, carry out Catholic education programs for youth and adults, and attend to the material needs of our parish.


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