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Marriage Requirements for Holy Cross & St. Henry


Don't know where to start? This is a good spot. It includes requirements that need to be completed in a certain order, rules that need to be followed, and the required fees. We have a hard copy of this in the office if you would like one.


Couple Preparation Requirements

1. Initially meet with the deacon to complete the pre-nuptial investigation.

2. Set a date to meet with the priest on a social level closer to the wedding.

3. According to Diocesan Policies, the couple is not to live together before marriage.


4. The couple should pray together and attend mass regularly.

5. Set the date for the wedding with the priest or deacon after the pre-nuptial investigation

6. Reserve the Church for the wedding and the rehearsal.

7. Register at the parish you will be attending as a married couple.

8. Attend an approved Marriage Preparation Weekend. Click here to view the different Marriage Preparation Weekends. Click here for the registration form.

9. Turn in the certificate from the weekend into the parish office to receive $75.00 off your marriage license!

10. Take the Fully Engaged Survey online. The Marriage Coordinator will e-mail this to you.

11. Meet with an assigned sponsor couple to go through the workbook and survey results. (Up to 5 meetings or 5-10 hours)

12. Ask the parish you were baptized in to send a current baptismal certificate to St. Henry. The certificate should be dated within 6 months from your wedding date.

13. Catholics should participate in Reconcilation before Matrimony.

14. St. Henry Facilities Use Fee

  • $150 for parishioners

  • $500 for non-parishioners

      Payment can be made at the parish office.

15. Holy Cross Facilities Use Fee

  • $0 for parishioners

  • $100 for non-parishioners


16. The program needs to be approved by the deacon or the priest one month before the wedding. 

17. Purchase a Marriage License at any courthouse in a MN County. (It is illegal to celebrate a marriage without a marriage license.) Apply for it at least one month before the wedding. It may be turned into the office to keep in your file at the Church. 

Ceremony Requirements

1. Rehearsal is usually the night before the wedding. Everyone involved should arrive at the practice on time.

2. Marriage between two Catholics usually has Communion and takes about 1 hour.

3. Without Communion, the ceremony takes 35 to 45 minutes.

4. For either ceremony, the couple should find readers for the bible readings and the petitions. (1-3 people) (1-2 if you know a deacon will be present to read the petitions) 

5. For Matrimony with Communion, the couple should also find 1-3 Gift Bearers, 1-3 Eucharistic Ministers, and 2 Servers.

6. Please try to limit the wedding party to less than 7 couples.

7. Ring Bearers/Flower Girls should be at least 4 years old and must be able to walk unassisted down the aisle.

8. The music does not change during the processional for anyone.

9. An aisle runner is allowed but not required.

10. No pets will be allowed in the wedding.

11. No wagons or signs in the procession.

12. Unity Candles, Unity Cross, and Unity Sand are not allowed.

13. The wording of the marriage vows is a set formula in the Catholic Church.

14. Readings for you to choose from are on this website. (Hard copies available in the office.) Choosing these before choosing music can be helpful.

15. Music should be chosen from the approved list on this site. (Hard copies available in the office.)

16. A musician from St. Henry must be at the wedding to at least help with the sound system.

17. The Accompanist Fee is $200**.

18. The Cantor Fee is $150**

**these are base fees; it is up to the individual accompanist and cantor if he/she chooses to charge more.

19. Contact additional singers for fee information. You may also contact the accompanist and/or cantor if you have questions about the fee.

20. Priests and deacons are not allowed to celebrate a Marriage outside of a Church in the Diocese of St. Cloud. 

Other Concerns

1. Liturgical furnishing are sacred; They may not be moved, removed, or replaced.

2. Flowers and plants should be real.

3. Flowers may not be placed on top of the altar.

4. Bubble machines, balloons, and karaoke machines may not be used at any time before, during or after the wedding.

5. The throwing of rice, birdseed, rose petals, potpourri, confetti, etc. is prohibited on church property for cleanliness and safety.

6. Food and beverages are not permitted within the sacred worship space and smoking is prohibited on all church property.


7. It is important to have people assigned to pick up any garbage, decorations, or anything left behind.

8. Alcohol is not permitted on church property at the time surrounding the wedding rehearsal and any time prior to the start of the wedding liturgy. Minnesota State Law dictates that a marriage could be declared null if "a party lacked capacity to consent to the marriage at the time the marriage was solemnized because of the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other incapacitating substances," (MN Statue 518.02)


   To Wedding Readings


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