• Father Matthew Kuhn


Dear sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus,

All of our readings this Sunday encourage us to prepare ourselves to meet the Lord Jesus. The Gospel parable especially emphasizes our need to prepare well for Christ to come when we least expect Him. In a time of pandemic, any one of us can unexpectedly find ourselves in danger of death. Are we ready to meet our maker?

The coming end of Ordinary Time on the Church calendar is our annual reminder of the end of all things. We are invited to pause and reflect on our own readiness. What do I, as an individual, need to do to prepare myself to meet Jesus? When was the last time I made a good Confession? Am I bearing any grudges? Whom do I need to forgive? What restitution do I still need to make for past harm I have done to others or to society?

May the Holy Spirit aid us and guide us as we examine our lives and help us to be ready to meet Christ Jesus whenever He comes to take us home.

Peace in Christ,

Father Matthew Kuhn

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