• Father Matthew Kuhn

Physical and Temporal Needs of the Church

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus,

Part of my duties as a pastor is the care for the physical and temporal needs of the church. If you have been keeping track, our weekly income has been woefully short since the COVID-19 crisis began in March. We have been sustained through much of this shortfall by the quick actions of our Parish Administrator, Deacon Randy Altstadt, and our principal, Jason Smith, in procuring the forgivable funds of a Payroll Protection Plan loan for our St. Henry’s Church and Area School. We have also been blessed with a number of parishioners who have increased their giving to compensate for others who may have lost some or all of their ability to contribute due to unemployment or underemployment. Yet even with this extraordinary help, our ordinary income continues to flag. I understand that many of you continue to pray from home on Sundays and are taking advantage of our online Mass recordings. I am grateful to the extra work of Michael Mettler and Ann Koll that have made this online participation possible. We continue to operate and to adapt to our changing world because we are blessed with such a dedicated and talented staff. We want to continue to provide the Sacraments, catechesis, prayer, and mutual support that are our purpose as Catholic communities.

In short, we need your support. Your contributions are what sustain our parishes and area school. If you have been unable to attend Mass in person, I ask that you consider signing up for electronic giving; instructions for this can be found on our parish website or by calling us at our parish offices. I also ask that those of you who are capable of offering additional assistance would consider increasing your regular gift. Our parishes do provide assistance to individuals and families in need, and your support allows us to support others who are less fortunate. Your gifts are what make our ministry possible; your participation is what makes our ministry fruitful, and your prayers are what sustain us in all we do. Thank you for your generosity and patience.

Peace in Christ,

Father Matthew Kuhn

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