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Appreciation from Father Matthew Kuhn

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus,

Thank you for all the wonderful parting gifts and cards you have sent over the last few weeks! I am overwhelmed once again by your generosity. Thank you especially to the children who have drawn and colored their cards by hand; my new refrigerator will be completely covered with your art!

Thank you all for the blessings of these nine wonderful years we have shared. I have been greatly blessed to be a part of the high and low moments of your lives; I appreciate deeply the privilege of being with you in these powerful moments. Thank you for your words of support and for all the prayers you have shared with and for me. Thank you most of all for the reverence and adoration you have given to Jesus in the Eucharist. Please continue to grow the culture of Adoration and Eucharist-centered life.

I am especially grateful to Deacon Randy and Janel Altstadt, Deacon Richard and Jean Quistorff, Ann Koll, Faye Hendrickx, Joe Byer, Michael Mettler, and Lisa Hendrickx in the parish offices, and Jason Smith and our teachers at St. Henry’s Area School, as well as all of our past staff members. They have been the best possible coworkers in Christ. I will miss our staff meetings and holiday gatherings. Thank you also to the trustees and council members of both parishes for all that you do.

I ask you all, again, to extend the same welcome, love, and support to Fr. George and Fr. Tom. They will need as much or more support as they bring our four parishes together. Please do all that you can to make the transition smooth and cooperate with our brothers and sisters at Sacred Heart and Saint Lawrence. Please make it a point to attend Mass at all four parishes at some point each year to show solidarity with each other. We belong to a larger Church than just our individual parishes, and we need to support each other—to be one Body of Christ.

Please feel free to visit me in Alexandria. I will come back to visit from time to time, as you are all friends and family to me now, but please understand if I give the majority of my time to my new parishioners over the next few months. I will come back for the dedication of the new school, hall, and Adoration chapel, so I know I will see you again soon. To those of you whose weddings, quinceañeras, and other milestones I will miss, I am sorry, but I have confidence that Fr. George and Fr. Tom will take good care of you.

I will continue to pray for you and your families; please continue to pray for me and for your brothers and sisters in Christ at St. Mary’s in Alexandria. May God bless you all and keep you close to His Sacred Heart.

Peace in Christ,

Father Matthew Kuhn

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