• Father Matthew Kuhn

Advent: The Perfect Time to Reconcile with God

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus,

“John the Baptist appeared in the desert proclaiming a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins. People of the whole Judean countryside and all the inhabitants of Jerusalem were going out to him and were being baptized by him in the Jordan River as they acknowledged their sins.”

When we enter into the desert, we see a level of reality that is stark and unavoidable. There are no distractions, no illusions. We know our mortality and how fragile our lives are. This might be why God chooses the desert as the place of repentance. The people of Israel were completely dependent upon God’s grace in order to survive their desert wanderings; we sinners are similarly dependent upon God’s mercy to sustain us for eternal life.

It can be painful to admit the stark reality of our sins, yet we need to enter into this spiritual desert in order to face them. Every single sin requires God’s grace to be forgiven; we cannot save ourselves; we cannot heal ourselves without His help. We are lambs lost and alone in the desert without our Divine Shepherd.

Advent is the perfect time to reconcile with God. We are scheduling extra Reconciliation (Confession) times on Wednesday evenings to accommodate your family schedules. Please take advantage of this opportunity to spiritually prepare for Christmas.

Peace in Christ,

Father Matthew Kuhn

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