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Recent Impersonation - Scam

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus,

If you received an email from me recently, pay attention. Someone has been impersonating me and sending out emails with requests for gift cards or other such nonsense. This is a scam artist, not me!

The only thing I would ever ask of you in an email is prayer. If you have a question about the validity of an email, please call me or my office. I do not ask people for gift cards or cash. If anything, I would be calling you, not emailing. If you have been fooled by one such email, I am very sorry. I hope you did not lose much of value. May God reimburse you for your charity, even if the recipient of that charity was less virtuous. Please pray for the conversion of whoever is perpetrating this scam.

God gives unconditionally, and loves perfectly, regardless of our intentions, past actions, or even sins. This is why Jesus insisted on using a Samaritan as the example of loving your neighbor. If the Israelites could come to love their sworn enemies, the Samaritans, then they could understand how God loves us. My favorite part of this parable is the moment at the end when the Samaritan pulls out two silver coins (a lot of money) and promises to spend even more if needed to care for the poor stranger.

So pray for this scam artist, and lift them up in love, not hatred. Pray that God will fix whatever went wrong in their life that drove them to such a poor choice. We are all sinners in continual need of conversion. May God pick us up, bind our wounds, and nurse us back to health, too.

Peace in Christ, Today’s Readings: DT 30:10-14; COL1:15-20

Father Matthew Kuhn

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