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Area Catholic Community FAQ - Part 3

Part Three of our Area Catholic Communities Questions series (See bulletin archives online for part 1 in the bulletin for Sunday, March 10th, 2019 and part 2 from Sunday, March 17th.)

Will the roles of lay leadership change for the needs of the Area Catholic Community? In order to facilitate the collaboration and cooperation of parishes within an ACC, lay leaders may need to be added or adapted. Our parishes will be stronger through these changes. They will evolve over time.

Will Mass schedules change? There are many variables that the ACC will need to discuss as they make decisions about mass times. Some of these variables include seating capacities of churches, overlapping and gaps in mass schedules, and time for relationship building.

What will happen with finances of the parishes and ACC? The finances of each parish will continue to be separate. Each parish will maintain its own finance council that will continue its present work. Each parish will maintain its own accounts. The finances of the parishes will not be comingled. Pastoral leaders in collaboration with the area planning council will determine a fair way for each parish to provide for shared expenses, such as personnel, ministries, programs, and resources.

Will any of our parishes in our ACC be closing? Bishop Kettler has asked leadership to avoid closing parishes. After ACC planning councils have discerned and determined resources in a given area, it does not mean a change of status is impossible, but the focus of planning is to work together with area parishes for the sake of our mission. (change of status = oratory, merger, chapel, closure, etc.)

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