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Area Catholic Community FAQ - Part 2

Part Two of our Area Catholic Communities Questions series (See bulletin archives online for part 1 in the bulletin for Sunday, March 10th, 2019.)

What is the next step in developing Area Catholic Communities? Once the parish configuration is determined, we will be inviting parishes to begin forming area planning councils. Area planning councils comprise of equal representation from each parish in the ACC and has the responsibility to vision a more vibrant area community. This will include, but is not limited to, building relationships, evaluating resources, programs and ministries, communicating between all parishes.

What does ACC planning council do? This group comprised of equal representatives from each parish serves two important functions. The first is building relationships in order for the ACC to carry out its mission. The second is the ongoing review of how that mission is lived out. They set short term and long term goals to ensure that the elements of a vibrant area catholic community grow and thrive. Goals will be determined for each ACC by December 2019.

What will happen on July 1, 2019? The formal establishment of Area Catholic Communities in the Diocese of Saint Cloud. What that will look like will be determined by local leadership in collaboration with the diocesan personnel committee. For some, it is the joining of existing clusters. For others new parish relationships may begin. Goals for relationship building, ministries, resource use, etc. will be determined by each Area Catholic Community planning council.

How many priests will be serving our Area Catholic Community? Overall, the number of parish priests available to serve our 131 parishes in the diocese will go down over the next ten years, and so we will need to collaborate and cooperate more as ACCs to adjust with our human resources. Some ACCs should expect to have fewer priests available to them over time.

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