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Happy Catholic Schools Week!

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus,

We are entering into Catholic Schools Week this week. We celebrate the blessing it is for us to have the freedom publicly to educate our children in faith and morals as well as reading, writing, and arithmetic. Our Catholic Schools provide holistic formation in discipleship; we develop each child’s spiritual gifts along with their natural gifts and talents. Holy Mass plays an integral part in their week.

This is not unlike the priest Nehemiah and the Scribe Ezra in our first reading as they taught “in the presence of the men, the women, and those children old enough to understand.” We want our children, like the Israelites, to listen attentively to God’s Word and live it out. We want our public behavior to match our personal faith, and Catholic Schools live this out very well. By integrating our moral formation with our intellectual formation we drive home how our morals drive all our actions and the practicality of our faith. We want our children, as the doors of St. Henry’s Area School proclaim, to “Enter to learn Christ; leave to serve Christ.” Please take time this week to thank our Catholic School teachers and staff. They are a great positive influence on our community.

Happy Catholic Schools Week!

Father Matthew Kuhn

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