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Holy Mass & Mass Intentions

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus,

The Holy Mass is the greatest prayer we can offer as a Church. We respond to Jesus’ invitation to “Do this in memory of Me.” By offering the Holy Mass we fulfill our purpose as Church, as the Body of Christ. Our offering of Holy Mass includes the public reading and meditation on Sacred Scripture, our Liturgy of the Word. It also includes our public renewal of the declaration of our faith in the Nicene Creed and our prayer intentions, our petitions. But ultimately it is the Eucharist that makes the Mass the most powerful prayer we can offer to the Father, the very Body and Blood of Christ offered to the Father for the remission of sins and the upbuilding of the Church.

The priest who celebrates the Mass does so for a specific Intention. We list these intentions in the bulletin so that you can join in praying for that particular intention, but you can also bring your own prayer intention to Mass each time you take part in the celebration. Like Mary interceded for the wedding family in our Gospel this week, we too can intercede for others with our prayers. Is there someone in your life who is ill, suffering, or in trouble? Consider offering your Mass for them. Just as we offer fasting or give alms for a particular intention so too we offer prayers for those in need. We can offer any prayer for our intentions, but there is no greater prayer than the Mass.

If you would like me to celebrate a Mass for your prayer intentions, please talk to Ann in the parish office. We have lots of openings for Mass intentions this year, and you can offer multiple Masses for your intention or for multiple intentions. You can offer a Mass Intention for someone who has died (we mark those with a cross next to their name in the bulletin), for a public intention for the living (like an anniversary, and upcoming surgery, or a special event), or for a private intention that will only be known to the priest and the secretary (we list these as Special Intentions in the bulletin). There is a suggested donation of $10 per Mass intention, but this is optional. What is truly important is offering the Mass for your intentions. This is our most powerful prayer, our duty and our right as a Church, to offer the Holy Mass for the salvation of souls and the sanctification of the world.

Peace in Christ,

Father Matthew Kuhn

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