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Good Stewards

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus,

This September we have been reflecting on God’s generosity toward us, on giving thanks for God’s gifts to us, and on responding in generosity toward others. Good stewardship of God’s gifts is the disciple’s response to God’s generosity. Now we want to put this spirit of gratitude into practice, and practice stewardship as a way of life. This weekend I want to make a direct appeal to you, as parishioners, to consider your weekly offering to God at Mass.

Our weekly contribution to the offertory is our way of giving thanks to God for all we have received each week. We present our gifts to God to be blessed and shared, along with the bread and wine that become our Eucharist. Our offering supports our music ministry and the beautiful liturgies we celebrate at St. Henry’s Church, all of our outreach, aid to the poor and the homebound, religious education, St. Henry’s Area School, Baptism and wedding preparation programs, Sacred Heart Outreach, youth ministries, hospitality and welcome ministries, Vocations, and so much more!

We have been experiencing tremendous growth as a parish: in attendance at Mass, in our level of activity, and in enrollment at our St. Henry’s Area School. We have been tracking our average weekly cost of operations in the bulletin along with the previous week’s offertory. Our cost of operations has grown along with our ministries, and your generosity provides what we need for ministry. We maintain a level of activity equal to many much larger parishes, and we are very grateful for this. Your generosity as families and individuals allows us to be generous as a parish family.

I ask you to prayerfully complete and return the Statement of Intent that will distributed at Masses this weekend. You can also make a commitment on our website or in the parish office. Please also remember to speak with a financial advisor about including the Church of Saint Henry and Saint Henry’s Area School in your Will. And, if you are struggling to make a gift, please let us know. We have people in the parish who can help you with financial planning and debt reduction.

I want to thank you for the gifts you are already giving. Your sharing of time, talent, and treasure have made St. Henry’s the vibrant community of faith that we are today. So, I ask you now to recommit yourselves to regularly supporting the Church of Saint Henry. We all have been richly blessed by God; we want to respond to God with equal generosity.

Peace in Christ,

Father Matthew Kuhn

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