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Take Vacation with God, Not from God

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus,

As we return to Ordinary Time, I just want to warn you of one of the dangers we all face in the summer months: acedia. Acedia is that restlessness of spirit that prevents us from focusing in prayer, particularly at Mass on a sunny day when part of us wants to be out on the lake or asleep in a hammock. It is that world-weariness that leads to sloth or worse vices.

Summer is indeed a time for us to rest and refresh ourselves, but not at the expense of our relationship with God! We should find our rest in Him. As Jesus promised us in our Gospel this Sunday, “Behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age.” Jesus is unfailingly faithful to us, welcoming us into the life of the Trinity. Why would we choose to be less faithful to Him in return? We don’t want to take a vacation from our Spiritual Family, nor do we wish to short-change our family out of time-selfishness.

Bear this in mind when making your Sunday plans this Summer. If we are tempted to leave Mass early, we are taking time away from our time with God our Father. How does He feel about this? If we are tempted to skip Mass “just this once,” how would God receive that choice? There are consequences to our choices--potential gravely sinful consequences. Avoid acedia and sloth; stay faithful to God and take your vacation with Him, not from Him.

Peace in Christ,

Father Matthew Kuhn

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