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Jesus Comes to be Our Hope and Our Joy

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus,

He told them, "Let us go on to the nearby villages that I may preach there also. For this purpose have I come." Jesus came to preach the good news of God’s loving plan for us. His miracles of healing and power were not his primary purpose. The miracles were instead signs of his power and authority intended to make the Gospel message concrete for them. Jesus drives out demons and physical sicknesses, but mostly He drives out despair and sin. He comes to be our hope and our joy.

For us who are tasked with spreading the Gospel today—we who are called Christians—the same purpose must drive us. We are called not merely to good works in the relief of physical suffering; we do works of charity to express our love of Christ in our brothers and sisters, as well as to increase our credibility as bearers of good news. Yet our primary purpose is to bring hope and joy to those who live in darkness. Our visible joy and hope in Christ is an essential part of what we do.

Let us remember the importance of joy and hope in our daily activities and make extra effort to be the kind and loving bearers of the Gospel that our families and our culture so desperately need today.

Peace in Christ,

Father Matthew Kuhn

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