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Happy Ordinary Time!

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

As we return to Ordinary Time this week, let us bear in mind the order intended by the name of this liturgical season. Ordinary Time should not be boring or mundane. Ordinary Time is measured time as well as being time that is ordered toward God. The Sundays of Ordinary Time are numbered so that we may keep track of our progress through the year. Do we reflect upon our spiritual progress as we go through the year? Take Ordinary Time this year as an invitation to meditate on your own progress in holiness. Maybe you can work on increasing your daily private prayer time by 2 minutes each week of Ordinary Time. By next Advent you will be making a Holy Hour each day!

Ordinary Time is ordered toward God. Consider your daily schedule and ask God to help you make your routine more ordered toward Him. Perhaps this is the year that you make a priority of getting to Mass early, or plan your family vacation or hunting trip around attending Mass instead of trying to “fit” Mass into your busy schedule. We can do a better job of ordering our time toward God.

Happy Ordinary Time! May God make this season spiritually fruitful for you and your family.

Peace in Christ,

Father Matthew Kuhn

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