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Preparing to Receive the Banquet Feast of Heaven

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

Our reading this Sunday from the Prophet Isaiah is pure poetry. It beautifully connects Eucharistic imagery with the forgiveness of sins, the destruction of death and the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on the mountain of God. This is a great passage to meditate upon as we prepare to celebrate Holy Mass. We prepare ourselves to receive Jesus in the Eucharist by penitential acts (fasting one hour before Communion), acknowledging our need for the forgiveness of our sins (Lord, have mercy). We enter into the choir of angels in the Gloria, rejoicing that we are privileged to take part in the banquet feast of heaven.

We are the unworthy poor of the city that the King invites into his Son’s wedding feast. We strive to prepare ourselves well so that we might not be cast out like the man who entered the feast without a wedding garment. We wish to be worthy temples of the Holy Spirit before we become Tabernacles containing the real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. We wish to present ourselves before God pure and clean so that we might take part in the feast. The Confessional is our spiritual dry-cleaners, allowing us to spruce up our souls for such a special occasion. We confess our sins, especially grave sins, before we enter the wedding feast.

May the words of Isaiah give us food for thought as we contemplate our readiness to receive the King of Kings.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Matthew Kuhn

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