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Look to Jesus and Trust Him More Openly

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

In our Gospel excerpt this week Saint Peter rushes into judgement over Jesus’ plan to suffer and die for us. Peter cannot accept Jesus’ words. It seems that he doesn’t even allow Jesus to finish speaking. Why did Peter have to react at all? Couldn’t he just have listened to the whole story and waited to see what would come of it? Didn’t he trust Jesus?

We all tend to jump to conclusions, even with God. We are quick to judge, quick to react emotionally to anything that doesn’t fit with our plan for our lives. We need to learn to take a step back, calm ourselves, and listen to God more carefully, even in the midst of tragedy. We need to look to Jesus and trust Him more openly.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is a great practice for learning this kind of patience and trust. If we can discipline ourselves to sit in Jesus’ presence and listen, then we can begin to reap the fruits of our close relationship with Him. We will begin to see God’s hand at work, God’s light shining through the darkness of our sufferings. We will be more ready to accept difficult tasks from God. We will learn to quiet our own will and allow God’s Will to be done.

My brothers and sisters, I encourage you to spend some time with Jesus in the Eucharist this week. Come early for Mass, stay a bit after, or make a special trip to church for some quality time with the God Who dares to share His plan with us, if only we will listen and accept it.

Peace in Christ,

Father Matthew Kuhn

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