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"Do not let your hearts be troubled."

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus,

“Do not let your hearts be troubled.” These words of Jesus set the stage not only for His Passion but also for His Ascension. The apostles needed Jesus’ reassurance in order to endure the pain of watching Jesus suffer and die for us. We, too, need Jesus’ reassurance in order to continue in faith without Jesus’ visible presence here on earth as He was in the first century. We are now His Body, the Church. We are the visible presence of God at work in the world.

Jesus promised that we will do His works “and will do greater ones than these,” now that Jesus has ascended to the Father. We have become the living stones out of which the Church is formed. We lean upon Jesus our cornerstone. We depend upon Him and we build on what He began. We depend upon the mortar of the Holy Spirit to hold us together. We cannot separate ourselves from Jesus or what we build will not be His Church. And if we divide ourselves from each other by pursuing strange ideas or attacking each other, even what we have built will crumble. We need to remain firmly united to Christ.

“I am the way and the truth and the life.” Jesus is quite explicit about one thing: we can see God the Father at work in Jesus. We can know God’s will for us in this life. We do not live in uncertainty, but in the confidence of Faith. Jesus has given us the Way by the example of His earthly life. He has given us the Truth by His teaching. He has given us Life by His Passion, Death, and Resurrection. We need not live in fear or uncertainty. Our time and effort should be spent in coming to know Christ better through prayer and study and in serving Him through our works of Charity. We are now the Body of Christ at work in the world. If we remain united to Jesus, our divine Head, we will do His works, and the world will see the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit present and active in the Church.

Peace in Christ, Today’s Readings: Acts 6:1-7 ; 1 Pt 2:4-9

Father Matthew Kuhn

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