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Walking in Faith, Guided by Christ

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

“Abram went as the LORD directed him.” (Gen 12:4)

Abram’s faith is a model for us on our Lenten journey. God directed him to leave the comfort and security of his earthly homeland and set out for a land of promise. This is very similar to our earthly pilgrimage toward heaven. We are called to leave behind earthly pleasures and seek first the Kingdom of God.

In his pilgrimage of faith, Abram became the father of a great nation that blessed the whole human race by bringing forth Jesus Christ. Abram’s trust in God resulted in great blessings for himself and his family. We continue to retell his story, imperfect as he was, as a model for our own pilgrimage in this world. We, too, are called to bless the world by our walk of faith in Jesus Christ.

We may find ourselves to be like Peter, James, and John on the mountaintop with Jesus in his Transfiguration. Like Peter, we may be dumbfounded. We may speak foolishly at first, unable to grasp the depth of what Jesus is doing in our lives. We may need time, like Peter did, to fully understand how God is making His Kingdom present in our lives and our actions. This, too, will come through God’s direction. The Holy Spirit will reveal Christ’s glory in our lives in His own time.

It is the decision to walk with God in faith that makes all of these blessings possible. We are called to set out like Abram. We are called to listen to Jesus, the Beloved Son in Whom the Father is well pleased. This is how our transfiguration is brought about—by walking in faith, guided by Christ, toward the promised heavenly Kingdom.

Peace in Christ, Today’s Readings: Gn 12:1-4a

Father Matthew Kuhn

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