Scripture Reflection by Father Matt


Dear sisters and brothers in Christ, Humility is the grease in the wheels of society. This expression of Charity, loving others by placing yourself at their service, is one of the most counter-cultural virtues we have as a Church. The world tells us to grab life and take whatever we can get, to put ourselves first and succeed at all costs. The world rewards ambition, not humility. This prideful self-promotion is the direct opposite of what Christ modeled for us. He asks us to humble ourselves and allow others to raise us up, just as He humbled Himself by becoming man to die for us. He placed Himself at our service and the Father raised Him up to the highest seat in heaven, at the Father


Dear sisters and brothers in Christ, “I have come to set the earth on fire, and how I wish it were already blazing!” Jesus is not subtle in his desire to change the world. He uses the most awesome thing known in his time, fire, as the description of how He wishes to affect us. Fire is powerful, hard to control, and immediately grabs our attention because it is dangerous. Fire threatens us, and demands a reaction from us lest it destroy us. In the same way, the presence of Jesus in our lives should be all-consuming. He should be constantly on our minds, affecting all of our choices. We are in relationship with the God of the Universe! What could be more important or worthy of our time

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